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Appointment times and availability are limited to ensure no service is rushed, and to ensure that all haircuts and shaves are performed at the highest quality standards that we can deliver. We strive to deliver quality handcrafted results, in the same manner that a Tailor custom sews a well tailored suit.

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GENTLEMAN’S HAIRCUT (45 minutes) – $50  by Barber / $65 by Owner

All haircut services begin with a thorough consultation on the clients desired hairstyle, and the haircut is custom tailored accordingly. Traditional barbering techniques are used to achieve the desired cut and style, including hot lather and a straight razor shave to define the sideburns, and around the ears and neckline. After a refreshing splash of Bay Rum aftershave, the service is completed with a relaxing shoulder and neck massage using a vintage barber hand massager.

STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE (45 minutes) – $50 by Barber / $65 by Owner

All straight razor shave services begin with a thorough consultation to discuss the clients current shaving regimine and any concerns they have with shaving at home. Then a hot lemon scented steam towel is applied to the face to open up the skin pores and soften and raise the hair follicle. Pre-shave oil containing essential oils is applied to the face which provides for a smoother glide of the blade along the skin. Hot lather is applied to keep the pores opened and follicle raised while a first initial shave with the grain of the hair is completed. A second application of hot lather is applied followed by a second shave across or against the grain for a closer shave. A cold lavender scented towel is applied to the face to close the skin pores, followed by an application of  lotion with vitamin C and shea butter to remoisturize the skin. The service is completed with a splash of after shave or bay rum and a brief shoulder and neck massage using a vintage barber hand massager.

GENTLEMAN’S HAIRCUT & STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE  (approximately 1.5 hours) – $80 by Barber / $100 by Owner

A traditional barber haircut and straight razor shave are one of the few masculine things a man can still do for himself to relax and self-indulge, comparable to smoking a fine Cuban cigar while sipping on a smooth, aged single malt scotch. Experience the ultimate in men’s grooming the way men for centuries have experienced it, the way it was intended.

BEARD TRIM (30 minutes) – $25 by Barber / $35 by Owner

This service is for the bearded gentlemen who are looking for regular maintenance of their beards and facial hair. Every effort is made to offer the client detail and symmetry with their beard trim to ensure a polished and groomed look works best for the clients facial structure. This service is completed with clippers, trimmers and scissors as needed.

HAIRCUT & BEARD TRIM (75 minutes) – $65 by Barber / $75 by Owner

This service includes a traditional barber haircut and style, with the trimming and detailing of the gentleman’s facial hair as desired to ensure a symmetrical and aesthetically balanced beard.