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Grooming men to be better meN

Mark-Jason Solofa, Men’s Grooming” is Northern California’s premiere men’s grooming lifestyle brand, where we believe that the quality of customer service, relationship building, and the fellowship with like-minded individuals are still the core values of the Traditional American Barbershop experience. As a private, high-end gentleman’s grooming and shave parlor, we cater to the discerning gentleman who appreciates good quality over great quantity, who values tradition and craftsmanship, and who understands that you can not put a price on looking and feeling well-groomed. We are not your grandfather’s Barbershop, but we offer a unique Barbershop experience that your Grandfather would have definitely appreciated.


reservations ONlY establishment

Online reservations only. Telephone reservations and walk-in availability are not offered.


What people are saying about us…

One of my best haircut experiences bar none!
— varund, yelp!
Excellent service, great vibe, and a great haircut! All the barbers here are seasoned professionals, which is the most important thing to me. I want a haircut from somebody who has a lot of experience and knows how to deal with hair.. this is the place!
— john, YELP!
This is a place run by professionals who give a serious darn about the work they do. Truly, guys: Treat yourself.
— Daniel, YELP!
Pretty much the best haircut I’ve ever had, hands down. And that’s just the haircut. If I include the atmosphere, the attention to detail, and the post-haircut shoulder massage, then its worth yet another star. Mark-Jason takes great pride in his work, and it shows. You won’t be disappointed with your haircut, and neither will anyone else in your life.
— adam, Yelp!


our mission statement

“To offer like-minded gentlemen a safe and private space to gather in community so as to relax, fellowship, and build relationships with one another that will foster friendships, motivation, support and encouragement using Barbering as the conduit, forum, and medium. We are “Grooming men to better men.”